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Scholastic Islamiah

At Scholastic Islamiah , you will find students smiling, learning, and engaged. You see teachers committed to the education of children intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As our Mission Statement declares, the SI community is committed to the education of your child as a wholesome personality.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Scholastic Islamiah website! SI strives to provide a highly effective, engaging, and differentiated education tailored to providing Shariah compliant education in a very diversified world. We believe in teaching students the academic content that they will need to be successful not only in this life, but also in the life to come. We understand, however, that academics, both Islamic and curricular, is just one small piece of the teaching and learning puzzle.

SI students are expected to continue to show growth socially and emotionally as well as demonstrating growth in their academic lives. As student’s progress through the grade levels, they are expected to take on more of responsibility for their learning. We believe that this sets the foundation for our students to go on and become excellent middle, high school, and university students, and eventually productive, responsible Muslim citizens in what has become a globalized world economy.

The world that our students are growing up in is fundamentally different than what we knew as children. Due to the rapid evolution of the technology that our students know and depend upon, we are beginning to know a world that truly has no borders. It is a world where it has become increasingly difficult for students to correlate their Islamic fundamental beliefs with what they see around them.

It is for this world that we strive to prepare our students.

For these reasons, SI – A best Islamic School in Lahore endeavors to be a premier Islamic progressive and scientific learning Institution. To provide a nurturing environment where students aspire for excellence in education, integrity and leadership skills to better serve the Muslim Ummah, and humanity as a greater whole, all the while projecting a positive image of the One True Faith. We are dedicated in producing committed, balanced Muslims, knowledgeable scholars, and future contributing citizens and community builders.

Many of the jobs and careers that our children will hold as adults have not even been thought of yet, much less invented. A world like that will require us to teach students how to be great analytical thinkers. This generation will need to collaborate with each other on a level that was unimaginable just a few years ago, and our students will need to be able to analyze situations and answer questions such as “How do I resolve this challenge in line with Islamic teachings from the Quran and Sunnah?”

With this objective in mind, we set out to begin building a specific, Shariah compliant, and intellectually superior type of student body through highly effective targeted instruction. This is something that we take very seriously, and is a task that cannot be done alone. Parent and community involvement in our schools is vital to our success. You are welcome to stay in contact with teachers and the academic staff. See if there are ways that you can get involved your child’s classroom or the school as a whole. We welcome you, and we need you. Everyone benefits from the involvement of parents and community members!

Finally, we are often asked, “What can I do that will be of the greatest benefit to my child?” The answer to that is: Sit down together, and read with your children every single night. Many great things will come from those experiences.

We look forward to working with you, and those children you entrust to us!

What Makes SI an Ideal Islamic School in Pakistan?

Scholastic Islamiah upholds the Islamic tradition of effective respect for understanding, as well as an open spirit of inquiry within the norms and culture of Islam. SI aims to help revive the excellence that is ingrained in our Islamic Heritage, that we have inherited from our spiritual forefathers. In order to do this, mastering the concepts of Islamic knowledge alongside contemporary education is imperative. Rather than considering either counterproductive, SI believes in the hybridization of education to develop your child to lead in a continually globalized world. It is our founding belief that the future requires leaders who will understand and implement decisions to resolve contemporary challenges with Shariah based solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help develop a generation of Muslims capable of analytical and critical thinking as the world changes around them, while striving to strengthen their faith, as well as the positive development of the Ummah and the entire world.Our students will not be Muslims in name alone, rather they will try to fulfil their role as exemplary representatives of the Muslim faith, illustrating Islam as the factual and ideal way of life for all individuals in all societies around the globe.

With every member of our student community, SI – A best Islamic School in Pakistan aims to create a balanced and wholesome personality based on invaluable Islamic principles, whereby their conduct and attitudes are developed through training right from the spiritual level, through intellectual progression, with emotional considerations. Of course, this is in addition to creating a sound mind and healthy body through regular sporting activities and co-curricular events.

We humbly pray that Almighty Allah (SWT) gives us the guidance, the knowledge, and the means to achieve this goal.

Our Vision

To produce confident, academically sound youth, who exhibit Islamic values in all walks of life.


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Junior Campus Opening

4B Gulberg III, Lahore

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2020 O Level Results

  • A and A* =75%
  • B =20%
  • C =5%

Our Vision

To produce confident, academically sound youth, who exhibit Islamic values in all walks of life.



Knowledge exists potentially in the human soul like the seed in the soil; by learning the potential becomes actual.

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