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Boys Branch

Address: 54 C Gulberg III Lahore.


Junior Branch

Campus 1 – 7C Peco Road,Lahore.


Campus 2 – 4B Gulberg III, Lahore.



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Message from the Principal

Thank you for choosing Scholastic Islamiah! Scholastic Islamiah strives to provide highly effective, engaging and differentiated education that prepares students to compete in the best universities globally. We also prepare them to be confident and educated Muslims. Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for our youth to practice Islam without feeling ashamed. Our Tarbiyya’h model immerses students in the teaching of the Quran and the practices of our beloved Prophet (SAW) so that they can face real life challenges with an Islamic frame of mind. We strongly beleive in a home-school partnership.When you enroll your child in Scholastic Islamiah, please be prepared to be strongly engaged with the school so that the child graduates with the desirable outcomes from both sides, i.e., school and parents. I assure you that it will be an exciting journey for both of us.

What Makes SI an Ideal Islamic School?

Scholastic Islamiah upholds the Islamic tradition of effective respect for understanding, as well as an open spirit of inquiry within the norms and culture of Islam. SI aims to help revive the excellence that is ingrained in our Islamic Heritage, that we have inherited from our spiritual forefathers. In order to do this, mastering the concepts of Islamic knowledge alongside contemporary education is imperative. Rather than considering either counterproductive, SI believes in the hybridization of education to develop your child to lead in a continually globalized world. It is our founding belief that the future requires leaders who will understand and implement decisions to resolve contemporary challenges with Shariah based solutions.

Scholastic Islamiah

At Scholastic Islamiah , you will find students smiling, learning, and engaged. You see teachers committed to the education of children intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As our Mission Statement declares, the SI community is committed to the education of your child as a wholesome personality.

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