Registration & Admissions

The admission procedure begins with the registration. Admissions are open throughout the year. Registration form can be obtained from the school admin office.

Age for Admission

A student is expected to have attained the age given in the following table, by September 1 of the year that they enter the class.

Elementary Age Middle Age High Age
Pre-Nursery 3 Grade 4 9 O-1 14
Nursery 4 Grade 5 10 O-2 15
KG 5 Grade 6 11 O-3 16
Grade 1 6 Grade 7 12 A-1 17
Grade 2 7 Grade 8 13 A-2 18
Grade 3 8

Admission Test/Interview Timing

Parents wishing to admit a child should first register for an admission test by completing the admission form at the school office and taking an appointment for the test and interview. Successful students can start immediately after the clearance of their assessment exams.

School Fee

School Fee, and other charges shall be paid every three months in advance, through a local bank. This fee is payable for all twelve calendar months. The school has the discretion to review and increase the school fee and all other fees, charges and deposits.

The first Fee Challan Form includes charges for admission fee, three months’ tuition fees and any other incidental charges. Methods of payment is explained by the School Office. When this procedure is completed, the child’s name is entered in the Admission Register and the child may join his/her class.

Limited financial aid is available for those students that excel in academic or Islamic values. We are not able to give sufficient aid to cover all the cases. If you would like to contribute to the Financial Assistance Fund, please contact the Principal at Your funds will provide assistance to the qualified and deserving students.

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