Faculty Management Committees

Faculty Management Committees,

Roles and Responsibilities

 General Rules:

  1. The purpose of this management structure is to empower the teachers in running of the school in order for them to own the school for affective long term productivity.
  2. The committees will be a recommendation body. However, their recommendations should be accepted under normal circumstances. If in any case their recommendation is not accepted by the approving authority, that authority shall consult with the committee members before making the final decision.
  3. The convener of each committee should ensure that all meetings (formal or informal) are documented on the CMM (Committee Meeting Minutes) form and these minutes of the meetings are handed over to the Administrator. The Administrator will ensure that these minutes are shown to the Principal/Vice-Principal for approval. The sending of these minutes is a must, even though it might be just three lines.
  4. Ideally, the approval process should not take more than two working days. It is the responsibility of the relevant committee convener to ensure that the approval process is not delayed and after approval, the efficient implementation takes place.
  5. SAC Conveners shall ideally teach 5 less units than what is required by a teacher for his/her subject area.

Faculty Development Committee (FDC)


This committee will comprise of all SAC Conveners of each subject area including the conveners for the extra-curricular and SDC committees.

The FDC will be headed by the respective Principal of each branch.


  1. Involved in Faculty hiring (at least three should be present, including the relevant SAC convener, in the mock session of every teacher hired);
  2. Involved in training/coaching and feedback on lesson plans and class teaching (thru their membership in subject area committees);
  3. Involved in Appraisal; the committee will collectively appraise teacher performance at the end of the year. There will also be a mid-year evaluation of performance;
  4. Randomly checking of copies and class lectures (Randomly checking of copies and class lectures of the faculty development committee members will be done by the Principal/Vice principal);
  5. Assist the Director Academics in curriculum development and upgrading.
  6. Supervising and finalizing assessments/exams in the subject area; and cross-checking of the graded papers.

Possible Meeting time: 

At least once a month.

Subject Area Committee (SAC)


At the preschool (pre-nursery-Grade 2) and junior school (Grades 3-8) level, subject area will have their own subject area committee comprising of all teachers teaching that subject.

Responsibilities for all subject area committees:

  1. The SAC Convener will be decided by the Principal.
  2. Meet at least once a week to discuss the lesson plans for all teachers in the subject area. Issues in lesson planning should be discussed, and the discussion should encompass academic as well as “tarbiat” aspects.
  3. The committee members should sit thru each other classes once a month and then meet afterwards for feedback on what can be learnt from the class experience. Please note that we can learn not only from what was done well but also from what was not done so well. The convener should ensure that classes of ALL members are covered and that equal time is allocated to what can be learnt for better teaching, not just in academic aspects, but also tarbiah aspects. Attending each other’s classes is the most effective way to improve teaching.
  4. The SAC Convener should also random visit classes and check copies (random sampling, see page 7) to assess whether the lesson plans are being followed or not. In case of incomplete work, or major deviation from plans the convener should file a written report (SAC Problem identification report) to the principal/vice principal. In such an event the convener will have special training sessions with the concerned teacher over the next month. The same process will also be followed in case major non-conformities in copy-work are reported by parents to the Principal/vice principal; or are discovered by the Principal/vice principal during her random checks.   However in this case, a copy of the written report (parent feedback form) will also be filed in the SAC Convener’s record.
  5. All SAC Conveners shall maintain a (copy of) CMM file of their own (all minutes of the meeting should be filed after they have been returned by the administrator, after approval or disapproval). The office supervisor should also maintain a file of the originals of all committee minutes. SAC Conveners shall also maintain a file of (copies of) Problem identification report/ Parent feedback form, where the originals of such will be kept by the administrator.
  6. All SAC Conveners are answerable for their subject areas and shall ensure the smooth running of their departments including compliance to school policies, goals and objectives.

Possible Meeting time: 

At least once a week.



  1. All subject teachers shall prepare a recommended Attainment Targets Plan and submit it (a softcopy, to the respective conveners) latest by two weeks after the end of the old academic session.
  2. Conveners will review the Attainment Targets and in consultation with Director Academics, finalize them, and hand them over to the teachers at least 2 weeks before the start of the new academic year.
  3. All teachers of a particular subject teaching the same grade but different sections (example: all English teachers for grade 1, may collaborate to produce just one Attainment Targets plan for the whole year.
  4. The teacher submitting the Attainment Targets plan as well as the SAC Convener, both shall sign the Attainment Targets plan, with the date appropriately entered. A soft copy of the finalized Attainment Targets for each subject and each grade will be uploaded on the academic portal.


  1. All subject teachers shall prepare a detailed Weekly lesson plan for the next week and submit it before the break on Monday the previous week, to the Administration. The Administration will record the time and immediately forward it to the relevant SAC Convener.
    1. The teacher submitting the lesson plan as well as the SAC Convener, both shall sign the, lesson plan, with the date and time appropriately entered.
    2. If a teacher is teaching two sections of the same grade (example: sections A & B of grade 1), then only one lesson plan needs to be made (collectively) for both the classes in case they are on the same pace.
    3. The Convener will review and give feedback on the lesson plan to the teacher, the teacher will update the lesson plan.
    4. Photocopy of worksheets and tests/assessments/quizzes must be attached to the lesson plan before submission.
  2. The SAC Convener shall ensure that committee meets to discuss the lesson plans before Thursday.
    1. The SAC Convener shall make sure that the respective teacher gets his/her checked lesson plan by Thursday morning.
    2. The SAC Convener shall also ensure that any deficiencies in the lesson plans are communicated the same day to the respective teachers; and if any changes are warranted, then the updated lesson plan should be resubmitted to the SAC Convener by 8:00 am. the next day (Friday), rechecked by the SAC Convener and handed over to the respective teacher by Friday before noon.
  1. The principal/vice-principal shall random check one or more lesson plans of each subject area.
    1. It is assumed that the SAC Conveners shall have checked the lesson plans by Thursday morning. This is the time when the principal/vice-principal shall request for a particular lesson plan/s from the SAC Conveners.
      1. However, the principal/vice-principal can simply ask a teacher directly to hand over the lesson plan for rechecking before the end of Friday.
      2. In any case, the principal/vice-principal shall ensure that lesson plans are handed over to the SAC Conveners (in case the lesson plans were collected from them), or the respective teachers (in case the lesson plans were collected directly from them), the same day or the next morning.
  • The Vice Principal/Principal will sign and date the randomly checked lesson plan as well.
  1. Evaluated Lesson plans (and attached assessments/homework/worksheets samples), after delivery of the lesson, shall be maintained by the teacher and submitted to the SAC Convener at the end of the term.
    1. The SAC Convener shall compile and maintain separate lesson plans for each grade/subject/section, respectively.


  1. The procedure mentioned above will also be applied to the SAC Conveners themselves.
  2. All SAC Conveners will submit their lesson plans (monthly and weekly) to the principal/vice-principal, following the same deadlines and procedure mentioned above.



Committee name  


Meeting date  











Action items












Completion Time












Follow up meeting date  


Convener’s signature  


Principal/Vice Principal’s Signature  







  1. Monday:
    1. Latest by Break Time: Receive lesson plans from administration;
    2. Start Checking copies randomly:
      1. At least two copies/class (e.g. Two copies for grade 2A);
      2. Fill out the SAC Convener copy random checking record as the copy checking progresses;
  • All classes/sections must be covered
  1. Try to rotate students each week
  1. Thursday:
    1. Latest by 8:00 am.: Submit the filled out SAC Convener copy random checking booklet to the principal/vice-principal;
    2. Ensure that the SAC meets to discuss lesson plans;
    3. Explain to the subject teachers about suggestions/improvements/changes etc.
    4. Set a deadline for the corrected lesson plan to be submitted by next day, i.e. Friday (if the need arises.
  2. Friday:
    1. If subject teachers were asked to improve lesson plans: discuss improved lesson plans with the subject teachers;
    2. Latest by break: collect the SAC Convener Copy Random checking record from the principal/vice-principal.


Sr. No: ________


Date of filling

This form:       _____/____/_____

SAC Convener Copy Random Checking Record

Class/Section ________     Subject/Teacher ____________________ / ____________________


Students’ Name 1.  ________________  2.  ________________   3.  ______________________


Weekly assignments, homework and worksheets done or pasted in copies according to lesson plan Yes No




Copies checked on time by the teacher i.e. within 72 hours of work done. Yes No




Checking according to standards, i.e. appropriate marks allocated, student friendly comments stated and follow up on missed work and or corrections to be made, appropriately done Yes No




Copies work according to age level of the students Yes No




Copies neatly maintained; i.e. copies covered, handwriting of the students neat, teacher’s handwriting is neat etc. Yes No




General suggestions


Principal’s Signature                 SAC Convener’s Signature      Subject Teacher’s Signature

& Name                                              & Name         


___________________               ___________________                 ___________________


Lesson Plan Comments Guidelines


Lesson plans submitted on time Yes No
Attainment targets followed Yes No


Methodology correct Yes No


Teaching pace correct Yes No


Homework not more than half an hour / day Yes No


General suggestions



Sr. No: ________

Lesson Plan Submission Record (Maintained by Administration)

        Month  _______ Week  ________                 


Sr# Teacher’s Name / Grade* Submission to SAC Convener Handing back the checked lesson plans
  Date / time Teacher‘s Signature Convener’s Signature Date / time Teacher‘s Signature SAC Convener’s Signature


* Mention grade only if the lesson plan was taken directly from the teacher