Our objective is to create an environment of learning for our students where they can acquire knowledge and skills through study, experiencing and teaching. In addition to emphasis on high academic performance and test score we develop ‘life skills’ like self-control, motivation, focus and resilience. ‘Life skills’, we believe, are equally important for success as ‘high grades’. To build these ‘life skills’ we take inspiration from the life and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

School Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the philosophy of 5R.

1. Rigorous – embody and afford the demonstration of a high level of understanding.
2. Rewarding – intrinsically motivating to the student and not just “work.”
3. Rich in Thinking – require more than memorization and replication. The types of thinking required can be identified
4. Revealing – uncover student’s level of understanding as well as any misconceptions.
5. Reflective – written reflections on the process

Curriculum Research & Development

Our success comes from our innovative and effective curriculum development approach. The team involved in curriculum review consists of trained faculty members and external experts who are selected based on their areas of expertise, qualifications, knowledge, and skills. They take all academic responsibilities and work on the curriculum design, drawing strength from their academic background and professional experiences.