Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have some other question, please call or visit us. Our address and phone numbers can be obtained from the contact us page.

What is Shariah compliant?

We intend to not break any of Allah’s commandments by any of our actions. Instead of relying on our own interpretations, we will ask ulema on any question that arises, and follow them. If we accidentally make a mistake, we will attempt to correct it, and ask Allah and others for forgiveness.

What is your fee structure?

We try to not have hidden charges in our fees. There are no lab fees, computer fees, other charges, etc. Optional activities may have charges, but are not required. There may be charges for material that is handed out to students, but that is charged at cost.

Our tuition fee for the year 2020-2021 is 17,500 from playgroup to 8th and 21,650 for O levels.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

Besides tuition fees, there is a one-time admission fee equal to three months of tuition. You will have to pay for uniforms and books.


What branches do you have?

Junior Branch (at 7C-Peco road, Township) is co education from playgroup to 3rd grade. After 3rd grade boys move to the boys campus on 54C3. Only females are allowed in the girls campus. Male parents can visit the Boys Campus or get information over the phone.


What is your opening date?

School year usually starts in end August or early September.


What are the school timings?

7:30 am till 2:15 pm


Till what grade is your school?

Our girls campus is from play group till O3 and our boys campus is from 4th till O3.


Do you teach the Matric/FSc system, or the O and A levels? 

We do not offer Matric at all. Currently we have classes up to O-levels. When we have an appropriate strength, we intend to offer A-levels as well.

What curriculum do you teach?

Cambridge curriculum is taught to prepare students for O and A level examinations.

How old is your school chain?

Since 2007


How are you different from other Islamic Schools?

In short, our focus is on academics, while we provide an Islamic environment (mahowl). We have an option of hifz (see below). Arabic is taught as a language, which gives students a basic ability but not fluency.

While everyone would like to have flawless Hifz, fluency in Arabic, Farsi, English and French, a excellence in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Business, a thorough understanding of Fiqh and Islamic History, …, it is simply not possible to do this in the number of years that we have. For this reason, every Islamic school has to choose between Islamic goals and Scholastic goals.

Noticing that best O/A levels programs in Lahore almost uniformly are associated with the promotion of a very secular outlook, we chose to provide an equally good or better (see results) academic program, while having an Islamic environment. We found that the time released by not having to teach dancing, music, etc, was enough to provide additional subjects like Arabic and more details Islamic Studies.

Our focus is not so much on Islamic knowledge (SurfNahw,Fiqh, …) as on having confidence in and love for Islam. We think this is achieved best by an atmosphere that has repeated reminders of islamic manners and qualities.

Other schools all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, you should decide on what qualities are important to you, and evaluate schools on that basis. We have provided a list of Islamic schools that we are aware of here.

Do you have a hifz program?

Yes. Details are given here.

What is your uniform?

Boys are required to wear shalwar qameez as part of the uniform. A topi (or imamah) is preferred by not required.

Girls are required to wear a shalwar qameez and a scarf as part of the uniform.

Older girls (from grade 7) are required to wear an abaya as part of the uniform. Covering the face with a niqab is not required.

Do you teach Arabic?

Yes. Arabic is taught from the 3rd grade. We also encourage students to speak in Arabic as well.

What is your sibling discount?

The third and additional children have a 17% discount. For details see here.

Do you offer scholarships/financial aid?

There is limited aid available. It is provided only to students where we feel that the student will contribute to the school by either being excellent in academics, or by being a role model having excellent Islamic qualities. Even in such cases, we will only provide aid to extremely needy cases.

In order to request financial aid, you need to fill out a financial aid form, which can be obtained from the school. For details see here


How do I get there from …?

A map, and some instructions can be found on the contact us page.