Other Facilities


It is a place where our students learn the importance of books in their academic development. Its main role is to support the units of inquiry in the classrooms and to help teach the skills needed for students to become lifelong learners.

Computer Facilities

Our school is committed to keeping pace with the modern technology in the field of ICT. The School emphasizes education through computers by encouraging students to include computer-based class projects and assignments. There are dedicated computer lessons where teachers give students a skill to equip themselves with the basics of computer. Our computers and software is constantly upgraded to stay in touch with the latest trends in IT. We pay more attention to using computers for integrating ICT with mainstream subjects (through research, using the internet, etc.) and preparing presentations rather than teaching computer studies as “a separate skill.” Labs have recently been upgraded with Smart Boards to enhance the interactive learning of our students.

Science Lab

Our laboratory teaching is based on first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the materials of science, which we believe, is a superior method as compared to other methods of developing understanding of science subject. Using laboratory we aim to build skills, concepts and attitude of curiosity in our students for the subject of science.