Pre School Program

We in Scholastic Islamiah believe that every child is unique and has feelings, ideas and a vast imagination which can be nurtured through inclusive and holistic learning environment. We try to develop children physically, morally and religiously in our Pre School Program.

Children in our playgroup program learn by playing and exploring through creative activities that require critical thinking.

Imagination, creativity, analytical skills and all kinds of positive behaviors of a child emerges when the learning takes place in a conducive and a protective environment.

Our activities are designed to use the child’s imagination and problem solving skills. Since different children learn in different pace, all areas of learning are designed for every child to use his/her creativity.

Child initiated activities are also encouraged along with teacher initiated activities.

Experienced Scholastic Islamiah teachers allow children to mold into creative, sensible and good Muslims.

On-going observational assessments are made and an individual development plan is usually devised for each child. Parents are always encouraged to stay involved.

Core development areas in the preschool are:

Tarbiyyah Development

  • Oneness of Allah.
  • Love for our Prophet ﷺ
  • Values and manners in accordance to Sunnah

Academic and Personal Development

  • Mathematical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Creative and physical development

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