Our Core Values

Our Vision

“To produce confident, academically sound youth, who exhibit Islamic values in all walks of life”


“To provide state-of-the-art, shariah compliant education; to produce individuals with strong Islamic morals and character who can compete in the best universities globally, and who can make a difference to their communities and humanity in general by serving as role models of excellence, integrity and humility.”

We will work to produce students:

  1. … who are humble and have Islamic manners (akhlaq) and values;
  2. …who excel in science, humanities and arts;
  3. …who are self-confident, intellectually curious, and who can reason critically and who will love learning all their lives;
  4. …who can read, write, speak and express themselves fluently in English, Urdu and Arabic;
  5. …who have the knowledge they will need to live their lives in accordance with Islam whatever they end up doing;
  6. …and who are physically fit and mentally alert through a comprehensive extra-curricular program.
  7. We will strive to provide a shariah-compliant educational environment in which we can work towards these goals.