Scholastic Islamiah has an established uniform that meets the Islamic dress code requirements. Information about the uniform is given to the parents at the time of registration. The school policy states that all students must comply and adhere to the school uniform. Full compliance and cooperation is required from all students and parents.


We at Scholastic Islamiah believe that a mandatory school uniform policy will provide a more secure school environment, promote an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and connotations associated with various types of clothing. All our students are required to wear uniforms to class. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children wear the designated school uniform clothing as outlined below.


Students shall be expected to maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance at school. Undergarments must not be visible. No article of clothing shall be unsuitable for school activities, or of a nature to call undue attention to the wearer.

Since school life prepares students to take their place in adult life, these primary requirements are expected of all students. The first responsibility for maintaining proper standards belongs to the student and parents, or guardian. The school should deal with this responsibility when the student or parents fail to recognize this need.

Boys’ Uniforms:

  • Standard white shalwar and Scholastic Islamiah Grey kurta*
  • Black school shoes are to be worn (but black joggers are not allowed). Un-marked all-white athletic shoes must be worn on the days when students have a Sports period.
  • All-white socks with no visible logo.
  • White caps or white ‘Imama’ are mandatory for Hifz students and encouraged for all nonHifz students. Revised on 16 June 2016 Cold Weather Apparel / Outerwear Policy (For boys and girls of all classes):
  • Black Scholastic Islamiah prescribed V-Neck pullover sweaters* should be worn in winters.
  • (Only) White leggings or polo-necks may be worn underneath the school uniform.
  • Navy Blue Scholastic Islamiah school-jackets*
  • In cold weather, students may wear (only) black gloves, earmuffs or woolen caps.

Not Allowed:

The following are not appropriate attire for school and will not be permitted inside school.

  • Visible brand-name labels, emblems, logos or designs (such as Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.) are not permitted except for the school logo.
  • Hair should not extend below the eyebrows or fall over the ears.
  • No sagging, extremely oversized, or tight fitting clothes
  • No baseball caps, hats or hoods from sweater sets
  • No non-prescription sunglasses
  • As a safety precaution, all watches must be removed during physical education.


The principal, administrator and teachers will determine if the uniform policy has been violated. Action may be taken on untidy / un-kempt attire. Any prohibited items of clothing shall be taken by school officials and returned to the parent or guardian only. In some cases, the student may also be sent home if found wearing prohibited attire. On special school days, the principal may not require students to wear the uniform. Such a notice will come through the principal or the administrator. During these times, students must wear dress that is in accordance with the Islamic dress code.