Burhan Basit
Math's O Level
13 years experience from LGS, Lahore Lyceum and The City School
Kashif Butt
Pak-Studies O Level
16 Years Expedience from City School, Adabistan e Soophia and American Lyceum
Khawar Maqbool
Chemistry O level
11 years experience from Chang Bagh, NGS,Bridge and AES.
Kamran Qureshi
English O Level
11 years experience from Aitchison, Lahore Learning Campus and Crescent Model.
Abdul Ahad Irfan Poshni
Physics Teacher O Level
7 years experience from Scholastic Islamiah. Proven track record of producing excellent results.
Waqar Nawaz
Islamic Studies O Level
17 years experience - including schools in Britain, LACAS and Scarsdale international.
Osman Khan
O Level Biology
M.Phil Chemistry. 5 years experience in Scholastic Islamiah
Abdul Moeez
Maths Teacher
Maters in Electrical Engineering from LUMS (In process).
Muhammad Mansha
Urdu O level
21 years experience from DPS.
Altaf Hussain
Sports Teacher
Expert in Karate and Martial Arts
Mohsin Ali
Manager Educational Technology / Convener
4 years experience from The Smart School. M.Phil from UMT.
Fareed Ahmad
Mathematics Teacher / Convener
4 years experience from LACAS and SCIL
Ghulam Abbas
English & Chemistry Teacher / Convener of Languages
18 years experience from Lahore Lyceum and LGS.
Niaz Ali
Academic Coordinator / Administrator
Diploma in Business Administration from LIMT, Llford, London
Mrs. Saima Babar
Administrator / Convener
BA (Middle East Bahrain)
Mrs. Memona Akhtar
Urdu Convener
O-level Urdu Teacher Boom Field Hall Upper , SICAS TEFL & Graduation from Samanabad College, Lhr
Mrs. Shugufta Bilal
Maths Convener
BSc (1977) Lahore College for Woman
Mrs. Tahreem Zafar
Science Convener
MSc Zoology
Mrs. Uzma Ahmad
Pre-School Principal English Convener
B.Sc Bio-Chemistry & Pharmalogy King University London, UK Islamic Teacher Education Certificate College of Teacher, UK
Mrs. Uzma Asim
Islamiat & Arabic Convener
Darse-e-Nizami (MA) Fatima Tuz Zahra Lilbanat Served at (Rosans Islamic School)
Mrs. Maimoona Farooqi
Tajweed Convener
BA 2nd Position in Hifz (Islamabad University) Wafaq-ul- mdars-ul-Arabia (4 Years) Served at (qra Rauzatul ATfal Trust)
Mrs. Andaleeb Nadeem
English Language Teacher
Gold Medalist Masters in English Certified O/A Level English from Cambridge University
Mrs. Aqsa Farid
English Subject Teacher
Grade 1 and 7 Served at : LGS, Beacon house, SCIL
Asfa Ikram
KG (Co-Teacher)
MSc From Punjab University
Mrs. Asma Ahmad
O-level teacher teaches food& Nutrition’s
M.Sc. Food & Nutrition’s College of home Economic Lahore
Ms. Asma Niazi
BS (Jinah Degree College) Diploma in Montessori
Fahd Ali Raza
English Teacher
Ms in CS